The subject of the wartime Lebensborn homes and the fate of their former inmates has been much in the news recently, and has been further stimulated by the German-Norwegian film Two Lives. My novel, The Lebensborn Boy, co-written under the pen name of Roy Havelland and based on real events, throws a new and sinister light on the affair.

The story of the novel:

Long after the end of Hitler’s Reich, many are still traumatised by one of its projects – the chain of homes known as Lebensborn (wellspring of life) for unwanted children of German soldiers and women of the occupied countries.

In a Europe divided by the Cold War, the East German intelligence service, the Stasi, is using selected former Lebensborn inmates for its own sinister purposes. In this compelling narrative a Danish family is caught up in a cruel conspiracy.

From the Orwellian world of East Berlin to the fetish clubs of Hamburg’s St Pauli district, and from the death traps of the East-West border to Denmark’s wind-blown Baltic islands, this many-layered story of deception, betrayal and love moves to a shattering climax, which only reaches its astonishing dénouement in the re-united Berlin of 1990.

“George Orwell meets John le Carré” – Irish writer J.H. Brennan.

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